Street Slammer

Street Slammer

31 980,00 zł

Kosza najazdowy do koszykówki 3x3.


The ideal backstop for all your 3x3 events

  • projection: 140 cm

  • black safety padding at the front
  • acrylic backboard with black coated frame 180x105 cm
  • dunkring included
  • 2 swivel wheels at the front, 2 fixed wheels at the back
  • 2 stamps at the front side for stability and rim height adjust
  • storage position approx. 306x180x183 cm
  • play position approx. 442x180x395 cm
  • weight: 3x3 Street Slammer: 570 kg
  • weight in the backstop at the back is included, the weight cart (325 kg) has to be ordered separately (2300735)
  • optional black banner set (2300770): create more space for logos of sponsors

  • Easy to set up, store and transport
  • Easy to move around, possibility to lift with a forklift
  • Gas spring system to lift and lower the backboard
  • 3x3 Street Slammer is the street version of the SAM 3x3 (1612070)
  • Optional weight cart: extra counterweight to hold the backstop in position while dunking

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